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Alexis Soutter, DVM  


Dr. Soutter has known she was going to be a veterinarian since she was a small child. Her family has always had cats, and when she was eleven she got her first dog, a Sheltie named Finnegan. She began riding horses at age 7, and started working as a volunteer wild animal feeder at a nature center when she was 9 years old. By the time she was a teenager she was training her neighbors' dogs (as well as her own) and working at a local stable cleaning stalls and training horses. At 16 she began working as a kennel assistant. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Animal Science, which began her fascination with nutrition as a vital component of health. From there she went to Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.


Dr. Soutter's other dog, a Clumber Spaniel, Carlisle - Manchester Veterinary Clinic, CT

Dr. Soutter with her young sheltie, Fizzgig - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - Manchester - CT


Veterinarian Alexis Soutter with her horses Mocha & Sprite - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Dr. Soutter was always interested in alternative medicine, and had planned to look into acupuncture. A mentor at Tufts pointed her in the direction of homeopathy instead. Following graduation, she practiced in Farmington, Connecticut, before joining Manchester Veterinary Clinic. Once she began working here, she was able to pursue the extensive training necessary to practice classical homeopathy. With homeopathy, it is often possible to help patients with conditions that have no effective conventional treatment. Dr. Soutter has also continued her focus on nutrition. She lives in Willington with her husband Matt, cat Aelin and dogs Carlisle and Fizzgig. When she is not working, she enjoys riding her horses, reading, photography, and hiking with her dogs.


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Dr. Soutter's late Bearded Collie, Rosie - Manchester Veterinary Clinic, CT

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Dr. Soutter's late cats Snippet and Gimli, Manchester Veterinary Clinic, CT

Dr. Soutter's tall pony Mocha - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


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