Manchester Veterinary Clinic

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Veterinary Assistant


I was born and raised in Connecticut, surrounded by and encouraged to appreciate all walks of life - but especially flapping wings, big paws, little tails and claws. Knowing my whole life I wanted to create a career working with animals, in 2014 I received my veterinarian assistant certificate.

After this, I was so excited- but absolutely terrified of stepping into any medical field; I was apprehensive due to its sometimes depressing nature. I spent my time dog walking, pet sitting and working at a kennel for a few years, but soon realized I wanted more. While having those jobs of taking care of animals, I found my absolute true passion. I want to provide for animals, at all times. I felt selfish for having the capability to care for animals and not putting that to the best use possible - they're the most needing and most deserving of our attention, love and help. I stepped out of my boundaries in 2021, ready to make that change and joined the MVC team!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of this clinic, and this team. I loved the way the animals, humans and practice were handled - all with such love, care and consideration. I hope to continue to grow my knowledge of animal care, and filling each day with such a strong passion makes life truly worth living.

When I'm not watching elderly dog videos online, I love hiking, prospecting for minerals and metals, bushcrafting, playing video games, painting, playing music and making clay figurines and jewelry. I hope to one day have a house or farm where I'm able to take in elderly or disabled animals, and give them the furever home they deserve.


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