Manchester Veterinary Clinic

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Veterinary Assistant


Growing up I loved being around animals. From going over my Great Aunt and Uncle’s and seeing their horses to going to a favorite park to feed the chipmunks or best of all going home to our family dogs and cats. Throughout high school I kept myself busy with babysitting and teaching myself to draw. There is one art project of a small musical merry-go-round with two horses that had me stumped until I looked up the anatomy of horses. Fascinated I spent hours reading and learning as much as I could!


Not quite understanding this fascination/“calling” I went to a couple different universities, my studies started in Graphic Design and transitioned to Chemistry and Environmental Science. With life comes its twists and turns; several years passed with moving all over Connecticut having several different jobs. I went back to school to pursue what I loved and what seemed to be following me the whole time. I graduated from Asnuntuck Community College with my Veterinarian Assistant Certification.

Throughout those years of different schools and jobs there were the 3 “kit-kats” to go home to. With these three cats I would definitely credit for the final “wake-up” call. Watching these three grow continues to show me how much more I have to learn. I couldn’t be more thankful and excited to be a part of the MVC team!



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