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6/29/2020   We will be continuing Valet Pet Care and Product Pickup @ The Door services for the foreseeable future


Based on current health recommendations and expert opinions, our best and safest option will be to continue our "Valet Pet Care" and "Product Pickup @ The Door" services for the foreseeable future. We all know that the need for physical distancing, the key to minimizing coronavirus spread, will be with us for many months to come – face masks alone are not enough – and we simply cannot create that needed distance inside our building. Prioritizing both the safety of our clients and team as well as our ongoing ability to be able to provide veterinary services requires us to continue to minimize foot traffic into our building.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll need your ongoing help to make the Valet and Product Pickup logistics run as smoothly as possible. For both of these services, please park in a marked parking spot in our lot and call us to alert the team you are here. Our driveway is just not wide enough to safely accommodate any kind of stopping and standing, let alone parking. For more information, refer to our page on "Valet Pet Care" and "Product Pickup @ The Door".





5/29/2020   We will be continuing Valet Pet Care in June (and possibly longer)


The health and well-being of our clients, patients and team continue to be our top priority.

To that end we are continuing our "Valet Pet Care" services at least through the month of June.

To help make this service run smoothly and to keep everyone safe, we need your help!

For your appointment please PARK in a marked parking spot in the back and call 860.646.5170 to alert the team you have arrived. When we are ready we will call and have you WALK up to meet a team member at one of our doors. Please follow our team member’s instructions for a safe hand-off while maintaining as much physical distance as possible. A properly worn face mask helps make this happen. Please remain in our parking lot for the duration of the appointment. When all parts of the appointment have concluded, please WALK up to meet our team member at the door to collect your pet and any products or medications. We ask that you do NOT drive up the driveway to get your pet as this slows other driveway traffic and creates a safety hazard for people, pets and cars.




 5/17/2020   We will be resuming normal business hours Monday, May 18th, 2020


Thank you for your on-going support and understanding during all of the Coronavirus-related restricted business changes and directives. Although we are continuing to keep our front doors locked while we see your pets, WE ARE RESUMING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS:

  • Monday - Friday 8am - 7:30pm
  • Saturday 8am - 1pm

As always, patients will be seen by appointment. If your pet is coming in for a visit, please review our Valet Pet Care for special instructions.

If you're picking up any products for your pet, please review Valet Product Pickup (our version of curbside service) for special instructions:.





 5/1/2020   "Spending quality (and quantity) time at home with our adorable pets..."

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Update 4-29-2020 - Coronavirus Restricted Hours of operation for May 1st - 16th

  • Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday 8am to 1pm





4-14-2020   "Can I catch COVID-19 from my pet?”

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Update 4-5-2020 - Coronavirus Restricted Hours of operation for April


  • Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday 8am to 1pm



UPDATE 3-23-2020: Hours 3-23 through 3-28


  • Monday - 8-5
  • Tuesday - 8-5
  • Wednesday - 8-5
  • Thursday - 8-5
  • Friday - 8-5
  • Saturday - 8-1



UPDATE 3-22-2020: Manchester Veterinary Clinic will remain OPEN during the current COVID-19 restricted business directives.


The health and wellbeing of our clients, patients and team are our top priority. We are pleased to report that to this date, none of our team has had any symptoms of COVID-19, and to be able to continue to serve our clients we would like to keep it that way. To minimize the risk of infectious disease exposure, we are compelled to make significant changes in the way we provide service to our clients and care for their pets. We will be limiting human access to our building to our team only. Your dogs and cats will still be able to come in to get the care they need as described in the links below:


Valet Pet Care”          Valet Product Pickup



We feel it is important for us to let you know what Manchester Veterinary Clinic is doing during this COVID-19 situation. It is our current plan and hope to be able to provide you and your pets with the care you are accustomed to. That said, we clearly recognize that as a veterinary hospital that brings people together every day, we have a responsibility to our team, our clients and our community to provide an environment that minimizes the chance of spreading infectious disease. To that end, we have emphasized to all of our team members to stay home if not feeling well and reinforced the practice of safe, hygienic habits at work. We have also increased the frequency with which we disinfect surfaces throughout our facility, particularly those receiving frequent human hand contact.


We echo all health professionals in urging our clients to practice those same hygiene habits. If you are feeling at all sick please avoid contact with others and our hospital. We are more than willing to reschedule appointments if you don’t feel well. If you are ill, but have a pet that is sick or needs a prescription, communicate your situation to us so that together we can come up with a plan that meets everyone’s needs and keeps everyone as safe as possible.

We are presently fully staffed and plan on being able to continue to meet your needs. To decrease reception waiting time, we are requesting that you call us from your vehicle when you arrive and we will communicate instructions to be able to usher you directly into an exam room.


Where can I learn more?

This article on Veterinary Partner has compiled a list of frequently updated and reliable resources on COVID-19 as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions:
Veterinary Partner COVID-19 Article

The AVMA has created an informative web page covering general issues COVID-19 as it pertains to humans and pets: AVMA COVID-19 Info

Providing frequent reports on COVID-19 and in particular, provides easy to read and insightful information on pets and if they have any role in the present pandemic. Worms and Germs Blog

The CDC website is a resource for human-specific info: CDC COVID-19 Info

And also has a FAQ section specific to pets: CDC Coronavirus and Pets FAQ

As with so many things in life, exercising common sense and some extra care, plus lots of hand washing and sanitizing, will benefit us all. Please let us know if you have COVID-19 questions specific to your pet.