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Jessica Issleib, DVM

Dr. Jessica Issleib with her dogs Stella and Scooter - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT - Trusted Vets For Your Pets

I guess you could say my experience in veterinary medicine started while I was in the womb. My parents, both being involved in the dog show world, knew a few veterinarians who would periodically check up on me with their ultrasound equipment. When I was born, I was quickly introduced to our cats and dogs who enriched my life at such an early age. I fully credit my compassion for our companions to the love they have shown me for my entire life. In 1st Grade, I learned what a veterinarian was and decided that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. I haven’t looked back since. Through the years of my education, I developed a strong interest in science and medicine, and when combined with the aspiration to help animals and their humans, veterinary medicine became the perfect choice for me. I also hold a very strong passion for conservation and protecting all of Earth’s creatures, which lead me on adventures including a trip to South Africa, a summer at a sanctuary for big cats and bears and vet school rotations at zoos and a conservation center specializing in reviving rhino populations.

Growing up in a dog show household, we always had several dogs at a time. Although I am not currently in the show ring, my house is brightened by three of my own dogs: Scooter, an AKC champion German Pinscher; Stella, a Golden Retriever; and, the puppy in the group, Luna, a Boxer. Coming home to their endless joy and affection reminds me daily of why I chose this career, as does witnessing the strength of the human-animal bond with all of my clients and patients. There is no other profession like veterinary medicine, and I couldn’t see myself in any other field.


  • Bachelor’s degree in biology, with minors in agricultural studies and psychology at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO
  • DVM from University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Master’s degree in veterinary public health

Dr. Issleib's pups Stella, Scooter and Luna - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT - Trusted Vets For Your Pets

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