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Jordyn Bryant 


Veterinary Assistant


Jordyn is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut, where she studies animal science. She began her undergraduate career unsure of her exact goals for the future. She knew that academically, she enjoyed the biological sciences, was interested in developing a deeper understanding of the environment, and had an affinity for animals. However, ideas relating to future career goals were vague, so rather than committing straight away to pursuing a four year degree, she attended UCONN’s Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture for a two year degree instead. Through this program, she gained a great deal of hands on experience with horses, cattle, sheep, and chickens on the university’s livestock units. For her general education requirements beyond those in animal science, she opted to take courses in the environmental sciences, wildlife conservation, and natural resources. Taking these courses led her to realize the extent to which she wanted to include environmental conservation themed courses in her undergraduate career, and pushed her to find a way that she could combine this interest with her goal to eventually attend veterinary school. She received her associate’s degree in animal science in May of 2015 and transferred straight into her junior year, still majoring in animal science, now with a pre-vet course sequence.

Jordyn checking out Crystal's Rainbow Boa


Veterinary Assistant Jordyn holding her new puppy Leia for an exam - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Should she be admitted to veterinary school, she hopes to put her focus toward wildlife rehabilitation and infectious disease. In addition to a DVM, she would like to pursue a master of science in conservation medicine. Ultimately, her dream is to be able to collaborate a background in veterinary and conservation medicine with environmentalists interested in solving issues that impact the health of ecosystems across the globe.

This is Jordyn’s first opportunity to gain experience working with animals in a professional environment, and she is excited to be here! In her free time, she enjoys drawing, camping, and going on hikes with her dog Leia. 


Leia going for a swim,  Manchester Veterinary Clnic - Manchester CT

Leia looking for cookies on the exam room counter top - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


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