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Juliet Armstrong


Juliet Armstrong - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


Juliet Armstrong - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Born and raised in Connecticut, surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes, I had dreams of becoming a veterinarian from a very young age. Determined to make those dreams a reality I worked hard to gain experience with all sorts of animals and research projects- even fish and reptiles when I spent a summer volunteering at an aquarium. I received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut and spent six months of my undergraduate career studying abroad at the University of Queensland, Australia. Now, in my final year at The Ohio State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, my dreams are becoming a reality as I prepare to take the national board exam. I plan to pursue a rotating small animal internship following graduation, with the hopes of later pursuing a residency in neurology. Outside of veterinary medicine my interests include tap dancing, reading, and spending time with my own pets: a 1 year old Doberman named NeNe and a 3 year old cat named Pumba.


Juliet volunteered at Manchester Veterinary Clinic the Fall of 2009. After studying abroad in Australia she returned as a volunteer for a full year, from the Fall of 2010 to the Summer of 2011.

Update: Since graduation Dr. Armstrong went on The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine to complete a Small Animal Specialty Intern-ECC program. We look forward to future updates.

Juliet Armstrong - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


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