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Maria I spent most of my childhood with my nose in an animal encyclopedia and head pressed against the glass of every zoo exhibit I dragged my parents to. My constant phrase from the ages of 5 to 13 was, “Did you know…?” followed by any obscure fact I had found out in my reading. I was obsessed with learning about all kinds of animals and their habits! As I got older my interests only diversified within the worlds of science and medicine. I found I was also interested in human anatomy, physiology, and psychology. I liked to be both challenged and slightly grossed out by any new information I obtained. The medical field, in animals or humans, is truly fascinating; even at a young age, I knew that it was something I could see myself working in for the rest of my life.
After high school I started school at the University of Vermont, located in beautiful Burlington, surrounded by mountains and near the shores of Lake Champlain. I started my college career as a nursing major following a difficult decision making process where I could see myself on either side of the human/animal divide. After a couple of semesters into my nursing major I felt drawn back to where it all began: animals. I changed my major from nursing to animal science and haven’t looked back since. With a renewed sense of purpose I continued studying, along with living and working full time, in Vermont. My years spent in Burlington with friends and my collegiate rugby team are some of my favorite, and ones I won’t soon forget. After a couple of years I’m now back in Connecticut full time, closer to my family and my little brother, and finishing up my journey into animal science. I look forward every day to what new information I will learn at work along with new cases and patients that will make me think. I can safely say I love my job here at MVC and look forward to what the future will hold for me in this field!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy trying to learn more about the animal medical field, going back to Vermont to visit friends and some of my favorite breweries, and finding new hiking trails and swimming holes for my dog around CT. I spend my days with my big baby Frankie, a Rottweiler mix, who is my most loyal companion. I adopted her when I was in college and we have definitely grown and flourished together over the years. Every day she makes me question who really rescued who. Most recently, in a move that no one (not even I) saw coming, I took in a little grey kitten from a feral cat litter that one of our doctors found and rescued. I named her Salem and she is sassy as her namesake, as feisty as her sister and completely fearless. She definitely gives Frankie and I a run for our money! Frankie

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Frankie Maria's cat Salem
Maria Frankie and Salem
Frankie Salem in the window

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