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Marie Bates BSc, BVMS


Dr. Marie Bates at Manchester Veterinary Clinic

My parents have no idea where my love for animals came from. I started telling the world I wanted to be an “Animal Doctor” when I was three. A small fish tank was my parent’s idea of perfect household pets. Yet it seems I was born loving every creature. I relentlessly begged for something more interactive than fish from about the time I declared my intention to be a veterinarian. Eventually my parents gave in, and we rescued Socks, our tabby cat.

My father is a human physician, and all four of my grandparents were in the human medical field. As a child I loved going to the hospital with my father. Science fascinated me; I spent countless hours going through his old medical school texts in his office, where we also had a human skeleton.

My love of science and animals continued to grow, and my decision to pursue veterinary medicine never faltered. I sought out as many opportunities as I could in high school. I attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and double majored in biology and English Literature (my other academic passion is reading). I spent summers and breaks working as a technician at a small animal hospital, and all of my experiences fueled my passion for the profession. It was during college that I met my now husband. When we started dating he thought his future would have maybe two children and no pets; his life certainly shifted!


I attended veterinary school at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, and had an amazing 4.5 years not only realizing my goal but also living in another country and making life long friends. I returned back home to the states after graduation and have been practicing small animal medicine in Connecticut since.

I love preventative medicine. I see veterinary medicine as a team sport, where our goal is to help make and keep our companions as healthy and happy as possible, so we can enjoy their company for as long as we can. Enriching our companions' lives ultimately enriches ours too.

Dr. Bates and Meko, for the 0.5 second he stayed still!!


Meko making faces for the camera

When I’m not working, my life is full! My husband and I have four children, two dogs, and four cats. I still love reading, and I am developing my gardening skills.

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