Manchester Veterinary Clinic

156 Spencer Street
Manchester, CT 06040


Our Mission:

To provide individualized, thoughtful and practical care for pets and the people who love them.

Our Values:

Be deserving of trust

Our co-workers, clients and patients expect us to have their best interests in mind with everything we do. It takes hard, team-oriented, selfless work every day to continue to earn that priceless commodity.

Be a good person

Our integrity, empathy, loyalty, desire for clear communication and thoughtfulness will demonstrate that we truly care about those around us.


Nothing is completely routine in veterinary medicine or client service. We keep our brains turned on and tuned in so that we can be creative and resourceful while we remain focused and aware.

Own it

We take pride in our work. We have a responsibility to do our best because we are accountable for our performance.

Learn and grow

By being intellectually curious, open-minded and learning from our mistakes, we continue to improve ourselves and MVC and meet the ever-changing needs of our patients, clients and team.