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Patient Evaluation



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The examination of your pet, along with obtaining a complete history, combine into the single most important step in caring for our patients. Whether your dog or cat comes for a healthy pet visit or because of illness, exams start with your pet being weighed and you telling us about problems, concerns, and questions you have. More detailed questions about any issues typically follow from the veterinarian, as do questions about diet, parasite prevention and body functions.  The physical exam itself is a versatile and vital screening test. The veterinarian looks, listens, smells, and feels her or his way through all the parts of your pet and compares those findings to what “normal” or “ideal” should be.  Results are recorded in detail in our computerized records system so we can accurately and easily track changes. Your history and our exam findings form the basis for further recommendations and discussion.  For sick patients, this would include reviewing options for more diagnostics, if necessary, and treatment.  Care plans need to be – and are – designed to meet the specific needs of each individual pet and their owner and what takes place in the exam room sets the stage for that. No other test or service provides a greater value.

In-House Testing

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Digital radiography, blood chemistry analysis, urine evaluation and culture, basic cytology, electrocardiography, infectious disease screening and blood and ocular pressure measurement are some of the diagnostic testing we can do at Manchester Veterinary Clinic. Being able to perform these assessments in-house allows us to get results quickly which both enhances and simplifies patient care. The in-house diagnostics we offer are the ones that fit with our reality-based approach to veterinary care.

Reference Lab Testing

Assistant Riley preparing a sample to send to IDEXX  - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Manchester Veterinary Clinic uses Idexx Laboratories for the majority of our outsourced patient testing. Idexx is a national and international leader in laboratory testing as well as provides support with the interpretation of test results. Idexx picks up samples from our hospital and provides us with results for the more common blood tests in less than 24 hours.

External Referral

There are a number of specialty practices in the Greater Hartford area and beyond - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

When patients might benefit from more advanced evaluation and diagnostics and owners want to pursue those avenues, there are a number of specialty practices in the Greater Hartford area from which to choose. We are fortunate to have access to these outstanding local resources with advanced diagnostic capabilities, 24-hour emergency care, ICU monitoring, advanced oncology management and much more.