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The Chase

Publish Date: 6/28/2018 1:32 PM

Told by Erika Collier, CVT

I promise this is not a story about my snakes. For many years my husband and I have loved snakes and welcomed several species into our home. Really the only downside, unless of course you don’t like them, is what they eat. So one night, the snake food escaped. An affectionately named breeding pair of mice, “Lunch” and “Dinner” managed to undo the latch on the top of their enclosure and went for what started out as a casual stroll past my cat, Jeepers. Jeeps was a mild mannered cat that quite literally wouldn’t hurt a mouse.

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“Dinner” began to explore the corners of the cat bed Jeepers was laying in, while “Lunch” chose a more adventurous path down the hall. Chaos quickly ensued. Though the cat had no hunting desire or abilities, that trait did not apply to the dogs. As “Lunch” peeked his little white head and pink nose around the corner into the living room, Cain caught a glimpse of him. The chase was on. So picture this: cute little white mouse, followed by a brown pit bull, followed by two stumbling people, followed by a lumbering bear-like Mastiff. It always makes me think of the children’s story “A Fly Went By”.


“Lunch” rounded the corner to my bedroom and disappeared. Step one, get both dogs in their crates. Step two, tear the bedroom apart. After about twenty minutes of searching, the mouse was found. Now the hard part, catching him. He managed to find his way into the back of my husband’s night stand so all three drawers had to be carefully removed. Essentially cornered, he still wasn’t giving up. He managed a Matrix like maneuver-with his back in the corner of the night stand he walked right up to the top, then jumped over my husband’s arm and off he went in the other direction. This went on for quite a while before my husband finally was able to catch him.

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Jeepers - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT - Trusted Vets For Your Pets

At this point we still didn't know that his partner in crime was loose. As we walked this little guy back to his enclosure, we saw Jeeps laying in his bed, eyes half open, but focused on “Dinner”. While all this excitement was going on Jeeps had been enjoying watching a mouse walk, and yes poop, all over his bed. I believe I said something like “seriously Jeeps, could you be any more pathetic?” Of course I didn’t really mean it, he was an amazing cat, but not very cat-like.


So the night ended with everyone back where they were supposed to be, us putting the cat bed in the laundry and & years later I still chuckle about the chase down the hall and my silly cat that wouldn’t even try to catch a mouse.

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