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The Tale Of Taters Tail

Publish Date: 6/28/2018 1:34 PM

By Lenka Babuska, DVM


Tater T. Tot's most magnificent tail - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

I am Tater T. Tot, Criminal Mastermind as my family calls me when they are not calling me Darth Tater. I had the most magnificent tail. It was long, full and fluffy, and curled at the tip like the feather plume on the Three Musketeers' hats. Most cats carry their tails up like a flag, but I am too cool for that. I carried my tail slung low, and so, on the rare occasion when I decided to raise my spectacular tail, it really made a statement.


Yes, you heard me right, I am describing my tail in the past tense. While carrying my tail low made me way cooler than any other cat, it also meant that I was almost twice as long as a cat whose tail is held high. One day, the sliding screen door sprung shut and caught the tip of my lovely tail, which gave me a surprise ouch and a nasty gouge. The tail tip does not heal well, but I tried to make it better by cleaning it myself. I was very thorough with cleaning my tail. Mom said that my cleaning was NOT helping and that I had to leave it alone, so she wrapped up my tail with a bunch of gauze and soft stuff in a color that clashed horribly with my gorgeous orange fur.


After a few days it was clear that the tip of my tail was not going to heal and that I was going to need to have it removed.  While I was asleep, Dr. Allen carefully removed the damaged part of my tail and put another silly-looking bandage on it. After a week Mom wanted to check how it was healing, so she removed the bandage.  The incision looked fine, so she decided to leave the bandage off. To make sure I did not start cleaning it again, she said I had to wear this awful cone around my head. Well, that cone made me panic. Wouldn't you if you had a lampshade upside-down on your head? I ran around, threw myself on the ground, fought with the awful cone, and finally won. Getting the cone off of my head made me extremely proud of myself.   

Tater T. Tot's bandaged tail - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


That night I cleaned and cleaned, trying to make may tail lovely again, but by morning the tip of my tail was a mess.


Tater T. Tot's short tail - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Mom made some funny sounds when she saw what I had done and it was back to the hospital for me. It took two more operations and a long time in bandages to finally get my tail to heal. What's left of my tail is still full and fluffy, but it’s now much shorter, no longer sweeps on the ground, and no longer has the curl at the end. It is still a nice tail, but no longer a magnificent one.


Take it from Tater T. Tot, my fellow feline friends: Watch out for sliding screen doors and do not clean too much when you are hurt. And advice for Moms - leave bandages on!


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