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Life Lessons of a Fizzgig - My new home

Publish Date: 6/28/2018 1:53 PM

 By Alexis Soutter, DVM


 Rosie the Bearded Collie - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


Snippet the tortoiseshell cat - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


Another ActRegal Photograph

I recently was adopted by a new family.  While I had to leave my brothers and sisters, it was exciting and a little scary to move to a house with a new mom and dad and a new brother and sister.  My mom and dad call each other Alexis and Matt.  They call my new sister, the shaggy gray and white one, Rosie; my new brother, who is big and white with freckles, is called Carlisle.  There are also two cats, one who is little and spotted and the other is bigger and gray with stripes.  Cats smell great but sometimes they smack me.

Right now I spend most of my time in two rooms. There is a gate keeping me from the rest of the house.  The people and cats go through and over the gate but us dogs can’t unless the people help us.  Still, there’s plenty to do in my two rooms.  There are lots and lots of toys, most of which I’m allowed to play with but some (which smell like my people’s feet) that I’m not.  My mom and dad bought me some new toys that are the right size for me, but mostly I prefer the big dog toys – even though some of them are bigger than I am!  There are rubber bones and a big rope bone that’s longer than me.  There are squeaky toys and tennis balls, and one small soccer ball that I push around with my nose and feet.  One of my favorite things is a box full of Kleenex – I pulled it off the coffee table and pulled tissues out of it, then ran around with the tissues.  My mom laughed until she cried, but then she took it away and put it up out of reach.  I don’t know why, when we both had so much fun with it.

A special thank you to ActRegal Photography for the use of the photos


Fizzgig sitting in our prized VetOlympics Trophy - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT


At night I go upstairs with my whole family.  I sleep in a crate at night and when the people need to leave the house.  The first night I was a bit anxious and sad being put in the crate – I was used to sleeping in a big pile with my brothers and sisters.  But the shaggy dog came and lay down in front of my crate when I started to cry, and that was almost as good.  Now I don’t mind going in my crate, especially since I get fed in there and have my own special bone and owl in there with me.

Rosie, the shaggy dog, seems to be the boss.  She won’t let me chew on her face fur or step on her.  I play bow at her and sometimes she’ll play a little bit but mostly she barks or growls at me.  My brother Carlisle didn’t like me at first, and would squash me flat, which scared me.  Now he’s my best friend.  We play together and roughhouse all the time.  Usually I start it but sometimes he does.  He lets me chew on his ears and sometimes on his lips, but then he’ll squash me flat. I just come right back for more!

I also have a nice big yard I can run around in.  The best part of the yard is the ditch at the bottom of the hill.  I love to play and run in the ditch!  My mom and dad, and even my brother, can’t figure out why the ditch is so wonderful.  I play in the yard with my brother or my parents.  They have a great toy, a fleece squeaky toy on the end of a long string, which is attached to a long stick.  My mother calls it my lunge whip toy; I just call it tons of fun!  They whip it around in big circles  and I chase it and leap in the air to catch it, and everyone oohs and aahs at my acrobatic abilities.  I’m looking forward to getting to do more in the rest of the house, like the cats get to, but for now I’m pretty content. 


Carlisle the Clumber Spaniel - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Gimlie the big grey tabby - Manchester Veterinary Clinic - CT

Thank you to Amanda Theriault owner of ActRegal Photography, for the use of her amazing artwork.


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