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Layla Has Mange

Publish Date: 1/21/2019 7:13 AM

By Toni Nelson

Layla's stories

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Layla has had so many visits to Manchester Vet Clinic, starting as a young puppy for normal healthy visits, but also lots of sick visits as well. Her first sick visit came just 4 months after we adopted her because she was limping. She was treated as having a soft tissue injury even though Dr. Soutter could not get a good look at her, because this was the visit where she first started to show her poor behavior at the vet office. She healed from her limping as fast as you would expect any puppy to heal. Just 2 months later, my husband and I started to notice that she had some hair loss, mostly on her neck and on her hind legs, so we scheduled a visit to MVC. By this point we had already trained her to wear a basket muzzle and she wore it well for that visit and her behavior was better, though she did still voice her dislike about being examined. At this visit, Dr. Soutter took a scalpel blade and scraped samples of Layla’s skin and fur to look at under the microscope. In this sample Dr. Soutter saw all life stages of demodex mites also known as demodex mange

Demodex mange is the most common type of mange in dogs and all normal dogs do have a few of these mites in their skin. This is usually not a problem as long as the dog’s immune system is functioning properly. Puppies who have immature immune systems and older dogs that have their immune systems suppressed due to illness or medication are at greater risk of suffering from demodex mange. Demodex mange is not contagious to other animals or humans. Upon Layla’s diagnosis of demodex Dr. Soutter started her on a liquid medication called ivermectin. Dr. Soutter also prescribed a progress exam for her 3 weeks later. At Layla’s progress exam Dr. Soutter noted that bald spots did seem a little smaller but all were still present, so she performed a second skin scraping on Layla and again found all life stages of the demodex mite some alive and some dead. Dr. Soutter discussed with us that the ivermectin was not working as well as we had hoped and proposed trying Nexgard for her. Even though it is not labeled for that purpose, there are reports that it does help clear up demodex mange. At checkout we bought Nexgard and scheduled another prescribed progress exam 3 weeks later. When Layla went to MVC for her second progress exam, Dr. Soutter performed a final skin scraping where she saw just one live and one dead demodex mite, a huge improvement! And upon visual exam of Layla Dr. Soutter noted that almost all of her fur had grown back! Dr. Soutter’s recommendation was to continue giving Nexgard and Layla did not have to go back to Manchester Vet Clinic for 3 whole months, until she was due for her 1-year exam.

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