Manchester Veterinary Clinic

156 Spencer Street
Manchester, CT 06040


What is “Valet Pet Care”?

 Visits are arranged by appointment. Please call or click here to schedule.


When you arrive for your appointment:

  • Please select a parking spot in our parking lot.
  • Then Click to CHECK-IN for your appointment online (to help keep our phone lines clear) wait in your car until we call you.
    • Or check-in by phone at 860-646-5170 and wait in your car until we call you back.
  • A team member will direct you to walk up to meet at the front doors with your pet.
  • The team member will collect your pet (cats must remain in their carriers during this transfer).
  • You may then choose to wait in your vehicle while the doctor is examining your pet or wait outside if the weather is nice (please keep social distancing in mind if others are outside).
  • All communication is done by phone. Our doctor or technician will speak with you while your pet is in our care.
  • Once the examination and any treatments are complete, we will send you a link by text (or email if you request) to securely pay by credit/debit card. If you are paying by cash, a team member will take the payment at your car.
  • Invoices will be emailed to you after payment is completed.
  • Once everything is all set you'll directed to walk up to one of our doors to retrieve your pet.


When you arrive to leave your pet with us for the day or for a procedure:

  • Please select a parking spot in our parking lot.
  • Then call us at 860-646-5170 and we will review the care plan and paperwork with you by phone and collect any needed deposit.
  • Once paperwork is complete we will have you walk to one of our doors where we will collect your pet from you (cats must remain in their carriers during the transfer).
  • You're signature may be needed on the paperwork.
  • We will be in contact with you about your pet's care and the timing of discharge.


For relevant information on coronavirus and its impacts, please visit our page on Coronavirus.